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How do we use hydraulic baling machine correctly?

Release time: 2020-03-18


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How do we use hydraulic baling machine correctly?

How do we use hydraulic baling machine correctly?

Correct use of the machine equipment of hydraulic baler, careful implementation of maintenance system and strict compliance with safety operation rules are the necessary conditions to extend the service life of the machine,improve production efficiency and ensure safe production.

Therefore, we should also pay attention to the following points in the use process:

(1) When add the hydraulic oil of hydraulic baler in the oil tank, we should strictly use high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must pass strict filtration, and should always keep enough oil, should be filled with oil immediately.

(2) The hydraulic baler of the oil tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every half a year, but the first cleaning filter oil should not exceed one month. The new oil used once is allowed to be used again after strict filtration.

(3) lubricating oil of hydraulic baler shall be filled at least once per shift according to the requirements in each lubricating area of the machine.

hydraulic baler

(4) Clear the sundries in the material box of hydraulic baler in time.

(5) during the operation of the hydraulic baler machine, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts. It is strictly prohibited to press the material in the material box with hands or feet.

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