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Characteristics of tyre crushing production line

Release time: 2020-03-23


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Characteristics of tyre crushing production line

Characteristics of tyre crushing production line

At present, the world's accumulation of automobile waste tires has reached 3 billion, and the number is still growing at the rate of 10 billion per year, waste tire resources are very rich, and waste tires are a huge renewable resources, can be turned into a treasure.

Through the separation and crushing process of the tyre crushing machine, all kinds of waste rubber products are crushed into particles, so as to realize the recycling of waste rubber. Rubber powder and particles produced can be widely used in airport runway, stadium runway, school playground, highway modified asphalt, etc., also can be converted into rubber powder after high temperature, high pressure desulfurization into raw rubber to make rubber hose, rubber shoes, rubber conveyor belt, rubber floor tiles, tires and other products, can also be used as highway speed bumps.

tyre crushing machine

The following are the tire crusher production characteristics:

The whole production line is reasonable and compact. It has a small installation area and convenient maintenance. The whole production line has the advantages of small installed capacity, low energy consumption and high cost performance. Full automatic control is adopted to make operation more stable and reduce labor intensity. In the process of waste tire treatment, no sewage discharge, no exhaust gas pollution, no dust pollution. We can customize the waste tire recycling line according to the customer's needs. We can meet the recycling requirements and meet the needs of users. Please remember to come to us if you need.

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