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The composition of tiger head scissors, and the usage specifications will also tell you!

Release time: 2020-08-13

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The composition of tiger head scissors, and the usage specifications will also tell you!
Tiger head shears can be seen in many workshops where steel or scrap metal needs to be cut and cut. It is used to help the cutting and shearing work, and it is the right assistant of the factory. So what is its structure and composition? It is mainly composed of machine base, shearing device and pressing device. Then it needs everyone to understand its use specifications, so as to operate the tiger head scissors more correctly.

Tiger head shears

The structure of the tiger head scissors

1. Base
The base is welded from left and right wall panels, upper beam and lower part to form the frame of the main machine. The left and right wall panels are used to install sliding welds, and are used as slide welding and pressure plate installation and guidance; the lower beam is used to install the lower seat; the upper beam is used to install the shearing drum and the pressure cylinder.
2. Shearing device
The shearing device consists of a shearing cylinder, a shearing knife, a sliding block welding assembly, a lower knife seat, a cylindrical connecting plate, etc. The shearing cylinder is fixed on the upper beam, and the piston rod head is connected and sliding through the cylindrical connecting plate. Pushed by the piston rod of the shearing cylinder, the slider welding component completes its downward movement.
The scissors are installed on the slider welding piece and the lower knife seat; the sliding welding piece is installed on the sliding piece in the groove formed by the seat welding piece and the sliding plate of the sliding plate. The sliding piece is connected with the connecting plate, and the cutting and returning action is in Driven to complete. Shear the cylinder and the cylinder connecting plate. The lower seat is welded to the lower part of the machine base to fix the lower shearing knife.
3. Compression device
The pressing device is supported by a pressure cylinder, which is composed of a pressure cylinder and a pressure plate, and the pressure cylinder bracket is fixed on the tiger head shear.

The use of tiger head scissors

1. The tiger head scissors should be used and kept by a dedicated person, and the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool.
2. It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with overload, and it is not allowed to cut and cut quenched steel and hard steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials.
3. The cutting edge of the blade should be kept sharp. After the cutting edge becomes dull or damaged, the angle of the blade should be sharpened or adjusted in time. The blade is a four-sided blade, and it can be replaced with other blades after damage.
4. In the case of multi-person operation, a special person should be instructed to cooperate with the operation of the tiger head scissors.
5. It is forbidden to cut two materials of different specifications at the same time on the tiger head cutter, and overlap cutting is not allowed.
6. It is forbidden to put your hands under the pressure plate when cutting the tiger head. You can use sticks and other auxiliary operations. When cutting the material, you should use an iron plate to hold it down. When cutting the material, keep your fingers away from the knife edge at least 200 mm.
7. After aligning with the pry, the pry should be pulled out immediately before cutting. If the iron plate moves, it should be fastened with a wooden pillow to prevent the prying from popping out and hurting people after the presser foot comes down.

Yuanshi Heavy Industry has produced alligator shears while launching the tiger head shears, which are hydraulically driven, with reliable safety performance and simple operation. With fast equipment, the cutting speed can be doubled.

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