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Come and see our copper rice machine

Release time: 2020-03-18


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Come and see our copper rice machine

With years of manufacturing experience, the XL dry copper rice machine equipment produced by Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. has distinct features. The cloth bag dust removal equipment is used to effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is more than 99%, effectively dealing with dust pollution. Our copper rice machine for sale is novel and unique, large production capacity, low energy consumption. High sorting rate, one - time feed, multi - machine cooperation.

There are mainly three types of dry copper rice models: 600/800/1200, and the quantity of waste wires and cables is about 300kg-1500 KGS per hour. After cutting, peeling, destroying, selecting and other processes, the separated copper has maintained the original quantity and quality, and is fully automated. Copper rice models feed Uniform and operate intelligen, make the operation more simple, save time and effort, to the greatest extent to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

copper rice machine

Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. is a professional company specializing in the production of various large-scale hydraulic packing and mechanical crushing equipment. It is a good choice for scrap automobile disassembly, scrap steel recycling, metallurgy, manufacturing , mold and other industries.

Our company is a professional copper rice machine manufacturer committed to the establishment of copper rice machine brand, product quality assurance. It provides customers with 24 hours of after-sales service to improve the quality of products and meet the needs of the majority of users. We are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create a better future. If you have intention, welcome to inquire.

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