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Metal scrap shredder motor overheating

Release time: 2020-05-08

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Metal scrap shredder motor overheating
During the working process of the shredder, the motor will overheat, but there are many influencing factors that will cause the temperature of the motor to be too high. The overheating of the motor will affect the efficiency of the metal shredder. The problem of overheating of the machine motor.

First, how do you know if the motor is overheating?

first one: the easiest way is to touch the motor by hand and judge the temperature of the motor according to the heat

second type: measuring the motor with a thermometer
third type: use conductor resistance, the resistance becomes larger as the temperature rises

What factors can cause the motor to overheat?

1. Almost everyone knows that the external temperature is too high. In summer, it is very common for the temperature of the motor to rise
2. The abnormal vibration or noise of the motor causes the motor to heat up. The problem should be lifted according to the specific situation.
3. The abnormal operation of the bearing will definitely cause the motor to heat up. Whether the operation of the bearing is normal can be judged by the temperature.
4. If the power supply voltage is too high and the current increases, the motor will overheat.
5. Short circuit of winding and short circuit between turns will also make the motor overheat. If this happens, it should be stopped immediately.
6. If the material leaks into the motor, it should be shut down to remove foreign objects.

In the hot weather in summer, we need to cool down, and the shredder also needs to cool down. 


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