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Application of hydraulic waste cake press

Release time: 2020-03-27


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Application of hydraulic waste cake press

When processing and disposing of iron and steel resources, there will be a large number of scrap iron scraps, so are these scrap iron scraps useless? Of course not, if it is applied reasonably, it is also an economic wealth.

How to make these waste iron scrap recycling applications? ——Yuanshi Heavy Industry launched the hydraulic waste cake press, which was developed in response to this situation. It used the iron scrap, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, shavings and other waste materials to be packed and packed. The various metal shavings were indirectly cold pressed by pressure Shaped for easy storage, transportation and recycling.

Hydraulic Scrap Cake Press

hydraulic waste cake press

Features of hydraulic metal press:
1.Hydraulic drive, stable operation, no vibration
2.fast running speed, to ensure user needs, can also provide equipment customization according to user needs
3.The level of automation is high. The electrical appliances are controlled by PLC. Users can choose manual or automatic operation.
4.The body adopts the whole steel structure, which has high strength and good fluctuation, and does not need to install foot screws.

6.the use of cartridge valves, electro-hydraulic proportional valves and common oil circuit design make the hydraulic system running without pressure, even under temporary heavy load conditions, the system will run easily.

The metal cake press can not only pack the waste iron, but also recycle plastic, cans, waste paper, etc. The product performance is very good and the work efficiency is very high, which can meet the needs of different industries.

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