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How to improve the efficiency of crocodile shears

Release time: 2020-03-23


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How to improve the efficiency of crocodile shears

The appearance of crocodile shears have been greatly improved the work velocity of industrial production process and reduce a lot of unnecessary human labor. But there are still a lot of manufacturers feel the working efficiency of the alligator shears quickly enough, it is because they did not operate properly. In order to improve the use efficiency of alligator shears we need to know the following below.

crocodile shears

1. Method one to improve the efficiency of crocodile shears: targeted section shape

Crocodile shears are used for various section shapes like cold shear of waste materials such as round steel, square steel, Angle steel, I iron steel, plate steel, steel tube, etc, fixed length shear of hot rolled small steel, fixed length shear of section steel in rolling mills, etc. This equipment has manual and automatic functions, convenient and simple operation and control. The scissor can start cutting and stop at any position in the working process, and can control the size of the cutting port arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be cut, so as to obtain high working efficiency.

2. Method two to improve the efficiency of crocodile shears: hydraulic transmission

Crocodile shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with mechanical transmission shearing machine, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, small inertia, low noise, stable movement, easy to operate, flexible, large shear section. It is convenient to adjust the scissors mouth, safe to operate and easy to realize overload protection.

3. Method three to improve the efficiency of crocodile shears: foreign advanced piston

The speed is kept fast under shearing, and the speed will be changed automatically when shearing large materials. The original shear force is restored and the efficiency is nearly doubled. The piston is sealed with foreign BSF grid, which not only keeps the shear force constant under high oil temperature, but also keeps the shear force constant under long time operation or high oil temperature. These advantages improve the quality of the machine grade, prolong the service life of the machine. Without increasing the power of the motor and the displacement of the oil pump, a fast loop is designed to increase the shearing speed from 8 times per minute to 12 times per minute (referring to the number of times when the scissors are wide open), thus nearly doubling the efficiency.

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