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Daily maintenance of hydraulic shears

Release time: 2020-05-09

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Daily maintenance of hydraulic shears

Yuanshi Heavy Industry launched heavy-duty hydraulic shearing machine, Q91 gantry shearing machine, and the numerical control degree of mechanical crushing equipment is getting higher and higher. Customers have more and more requirements for the selection of crushing equipment manufacturers, but Yuanshi Heavy Industry believes in a good product Will not be missed by customers.

HS Horizontal Shearing Machine

For the daily inspection and maintenance of hydraulic shears, let me tell you how much you know.
Whether it is Q91 Gantry scrap shearing machine, Hinge Hydraulic Shearing Machine or Heavy hydraulic shear, the correct use of machinery and equipment, the careful implementation of maintenance rules, and strict compliance with safe operating procedures are important ways to extend equipment life and increase production efficiency.
1. Check the oil level in the main oil tank and lubricating oil tank, and always keep a sufficient amount of oil.
2. Check the oil temperature in the main oil tank.
3. Check the hydraulic system pressure. The working pressure and control pressure should meet the working requirements of various types of hydraulic gantry shears.
4. Check the oil cylinder and pipeline for leakage.
5. Check the distance between each limit switch and the mechanical parts controlled by it, and check and remove interferences that affect its work, such as scrap steel sheets.
6. Check that the upper and lower blades are firmly installed.
7. Check the blade usage and wear.
8. Check whether the scissors slider is smooth and unobstructed in its ascending and descending movement sections.
9. Check whether each moving part is likely to be caught by the material.
10. Check and confirm the lubrication condition of the scissors slide rail.
11. Check whether the knife pad and scissors slide rail are installed firmly, if loose and damaged, it should be adjusted or updated in time.
12. During operation, the operator should always pay attention to the system pressure displayed on the pressure gauge on the console.
The daily maintenance of the hydraulic shears is here, please write down quickly. If you have other questions, we look forward to your arrival.

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