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Precautions for dismantling hydraulic cylinder of metal press machine

Release time: 2020-07-16

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Precautions for dismantling hydraulic cylinder of metal press machine
Yuanshi Heavy Industry has extensive experience in the field of metal packaging. As one of the leading metal press machine manufacturers in China, we can come up with accurate solutions to the problems of different metal press machine. When the metal press machine disassembles the hydraulic cylinder, What do we need to pay attention to?

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1. Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder of the metal press machine, the hydraulic oil circuit should be depressurized. Otherwise, when the joint connected to the cylinder is loosened, the high-pressure oil in the oil return path will be ejected. When the hydraulic circuit is relieved of pressure, it is necessary to loosen the handwheel or pressure regulating screw at the relief valve, etc. to unload the pressure oil, and then cut off the power supply or power source to stop the hydraulic device.

2. When disassembling, prevent damage to the top thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the surface of the piston rod, the inner wall of the cylinder liner, etc. In order to prevent the slender parts such as the piston rod from bending or deforming, they should be supported by a balancer when placed.
3. The disassembly of the hydraulic cylinder of the metal press machine should be carried out in a clean and clean environment to prevent it from being polluted by the surrounding dust and impurities. The disassembled parts should be protected against dust (for example: the disassembled parts should be covered with plastic cloth, and it is forbidden to cover with cotton cloth and other industrial cloths).
4. Before disassembling the oil cylinder of the metal briquetting machine, the oil in the two chambers of the cylinder must be drained.
5. Disassembly should be carried out in order. Because the various hydraulic cylinders have different forms, the disassembly order is also slightly different. Generally, the cylinder head should be removed first, and the piston and piston rod should be removed. When removing the cylinder head of the oil cylinder, use special tools for the snap key or circlip of the internal snap connection. Flat shovel is prohibited. For the flange type end cover, use a screw to push it out. Do not allow hammering to pry. When the piston and the piston rod are difficult to pull out, do not force it out, and find out the reason and then disassemble it. Forcibly hitting will cause scratches.
6. After disassembly, check carefully to determine which parts can continue to be used and which parts need to be repaired.

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