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Copper rice machine recommendation

Release time: 2020-07-09

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Copper rice machine recommendation
The topic of environmental protection will never be outdated. For the sake of environmental protection, many machines are broken to install dry copper rice machine to deal with waste wires. How to choose a good copper rice machine equipment?

dry copper rice machine

Choose the right manufacturer

When choosing environmentally friendly copper rice machine equipment, we should pay attention to choosing the manufacturer. Only by choosing a good manufacturer can you choose a good device. However, there are many manufacturers of test machines. If you want to choose the right manufacturer, you must understand it carefully. By understanding the selection, you can ensure that the equipment you choose meets the needs of use. Yuan's heavy industry copper rice machine is the leading technology in the treatment of waste electrical cables. The processed copper-plastic separation rate is high, the metal purity is high, the operation is stable, the energy consumption is small, the use is reliable, the performance is good, the life of the wearing parts is long, and the maintenance is convenient. And other characteristics, there is no secondary pollution during the operation of the entire production line.

Investigate manufacturers

It is crucial to inspect the manufacturers. The inspection manufacturers should have an in-depth understanding. Only by understanding the real development of the manufacturers can we make better choices. Yuanshi Heavy Industry's complete set of waste copper wire crusher includes crusher, fan conveyor, vibrating screen, dust collector, electrical control, etc. The characteristic of our company's XL dry copper rice machine equipment is that it can crush and separate at the same time without classification New and unique, large production volume and low power consumption. High sorting rate, one-time feeding and multi-machine collaboration. The whole line is controlled by PLC and is at a level in China. The successful development of the machine solved the problems in the copper incineration method, improved the quality of recycled copper, recycled plastics, and solved environmental pollution.

If you don't know how to choose copper rice machine, you are welcome to choose Yuanshi Heavy Industry. Yuanshi is committed to copper rice machine supply, which not only produces high-quality equipment, but also provides a comprehensive after-sales service system to help users make better choices. For specific parameter details and copper rice machine price, please call us.

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