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The operating principle of lifting electromagnet

Release time: 2020-03-18


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The operating principle of lifting electromagnet

The operating principle of lifting electromagnet

Mentioned the role of lifting electromagnet is very important. It is a very important thing for the factory which needs to work on the site to buy a good lifting electromagnetic sucker. Let us understand the principle of lifting electromagnetic sucker!

Lifting electromagnetic sucker also known as lifting electromagnet and electromagnetic jack. The lifting electromagnet is used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries, lifting steel and other magnetic materials. Lifting electromagnetic is also used as an electromagnetic manipulator, clamping steel and other magnetic materials, suitable for handling cast iron ingot, steel ball and all kinds of scrap. The principle of lifting electromagnetic sucker is produced by electrifying the internal coil to generate magnetic force, through the magnetic panel, will contact the workpiece on the surface of the panel to tightly absorb, through the coil power, magnetic force disappear to achieve demagnetization, the principle of removing the workpiece and production.

Lifting electromagnetic sucker

In terms of improving product quality and product performance, Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. has invested capital, manpower and material resources to realize technological innovation. The main products are: lifting electromagnet, copper rice machine, metal hydraulic baler, metal crusher, etc. Adhering to the purpose of "serving customers".The company is committed to providing high-quality and efficient products to reassure customers.

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