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Application of lifting electromagnet

Release time: 2020-03-24


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Application of lifting electromagnet

Application of lifting electromagnet

Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. is a lifting electromagnet manufacturing and production of manufacturers, with a number of excellent technical personnel, with superb lifting electromagnet production technology, thoughtful sales service by the majority of customers.

With years of experience in the production of lifting electromagnets, Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. specializes in the supply of lifting electromagnets as a lifting electromagnet supplier.

Lifting electromagnet

There are many types of lifting electromagnets available, including the following room temperature lifting electromagnets, high temperature lifting electromagnets and diving lifts as well as heavy duty electromagnets. Lifting electromagnet as used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries such as hoisting steel and other magnetic materials or as an electromagnetic manipulator, clamping steel and other magnetic materials. The lifting electromagnets application covers coal preparation, power plant coal transportation, metallurgical steel, metal mining, cement building materials, petrochemical, shipbuilding, port transportation, brick and tile ceramics, glass, paper, grain, oil, food and railway logistics and other industries.

With first-class products, first-class service, study and research of production technology, we committed to the latest scientific and technological achievements transformation. We sincerely provide the best quality lifting electromagnet products for our customers, if you have the intention, welcome to consult.

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