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Y82 packer features and advantages

Release time: 2020-04-14

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Y82 packer features and advantages
Packing loose materials is a problem. Yuanshi Heavy Industries has produced Y82 series hydraulic baler to help you easily solve the problem. The machine is widely used for compressing and packing loose materials such as cotton, yarn, cloth, hemp, wool and their products. The size of the extruded package is uniform and the specific gravity is large. It is suitable for container shipping.

Y82 Vertical Packer

Y82 Vertical Packer

The advantages of this series of products: safe operation, and does not require too much manual operation during the entire operation process, and the entire workflow can be completed by button operation. Decide the size of the baler model, because many manufacturers can provide customization now, and Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. also has customized products, so that it can be adjusted according to the size of the venue and space.

It is also possible to adjust the size of the packed blocks. The baler industry is moving towards specialization and intelligence, and Yuan's heavy industry can also be said to be a leader in the crushing and baling machinery manufacturing industry.

If you have any questions about crushing equipment and packaging equipment, please come to ask.

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