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Value of lifting electromagnets

Release time: 2020-07-28

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Value of lifting electromagnets
How Yuanshi Heavy Industry gained the lead among the many crushing equipment manufacturers is not only the beautiful pictures of mechanical crushing equipment, but also the impressive reputation of users. You can go to our old users to learn about the use of our lifting electromagnets. I believe that it can withstand any test and is only for your peace of mind. It is easy to buy an electromagnetic chuck, but it is difficult to buy a lifting electromagnet with a good value.

product manual:

A set of assembly: electromagnetic chuck, rectifier controller, cable reel, small slider cable reel, cable connector, wireless remote control, random gift: cable connector, wireless remote control.

Product advantages:

Adopting a closed structure, with good moisture resistance, high suction, low energy consumption, reasonable structure, self-weight, high suction, low energy consumption, long service life, the excitation coil is treated with special processing, and the insulation material will resist the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil. The heat level is increased to c level, the resistivity is 60%, and the rated resistivity of ordinary electromagnets is increased from 50% to 60%, which improves the use efficiency of electromagnets and has high work efficiency. It adopts a unique heat insulation method and the material is The temperature is increased from 600c to 700c, which expands the application range of electromagnets.

Applicable fields:

Magnetic materials such as suspension steel used in mining, machinery, transportation and other industries, and magnetic materials such as electromagnetic manipulators and steel.

Note type:

1. When the temperature of the absorbing material is less than 100℃, please select the normal temperature type lifting electromagnet; if the temperature exceeds 100℃, please select the high temperature type lifting electromagnet. If the temperature exceeds 600℃, please choose ultra-high temperature lift
2. When the power supply lasts for more than 60%, please select a high-frequency lifting electromagnet.
3. When absorbing suspended solids in the water, select the diving type (diving depth does not exceed 100 meters). The parameters of the submersible crane are the same as the normal temperature type. If the user needs diving type, please specify when ordering
4. Ambient temperature: normal temperature -5℃-40℃, high temperature -5℃-50℃. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.
5. Equipment support: When using a single unit, select rectifier control equipment and auxiliary equipment according to power consumption (current). When using multiple units, select the power consumption (current) of the connected unit based on the sum of the power consumption (current).

Yuanshi Heavy Industry, lifting electromagnet supplier, the products launched are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electric power, transportation, mining, chemical, cement and other industries. It is sold well in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. If you have any questions about lifting electromagnet characteristics, please call: 86-13961664715.

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