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Longmen shearing machine use taboo

Release time: 2020-04-22

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Longmen shearing machine use taboo

The gantry shear can easily cut the waste materials, and the cut waste materials are easier to recycle, but there are many taboo problems that need to be paid attention to when using the equipment. Say the important words three times! What cannot be done, what cannot be done, what cannot be done.

1. The gantry shearing machine also has certain specifications. Excessively large materials cannot be cut. At the same time, the thickness of the material that is cut at one time cannot be too much. A high hardness blade is required when cutting steel bars. When the gantry shear is in operation, it is very dangerous. Even the staff must not touch the blade of the shear to avoid accidents.
2. After working for a period of time, the gantry shearing machine often needs to treat the residue near the knife edge, but it needs tools to be used in the treatment, and it cannot be used to clean the garbage directly by hand.
3. When working, it is forbidden to operate the gantry shearing machine at overload. Materials exceeding the shear thickness cannot be sheared. If the material is too short, the material cannot be pushed into the shearing device by hand. .
4. After all, the operation of the gantry shearing machine has a certain amount of machine wear. Therefore, the shearing machine must be maintained and maintained every day, and the machine tool of the shearing machine should be cleaned in time to keep the equipment stable.

5. Any non-operating personnel shall not operate the shearing machine without permission, and the operator of the gantry shearing machine needs to stop the machine and stop the shearing machine without supervision.

Q91 Longmen Scrap Shearing Machine

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