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Types of scrap shredder

Release time: 2020-03-24


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Types of scrap shredder

Types of scrap shredders

Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. launched a variety of types of scrap shredder, then we will carry out a shredder classification.

1. Double-axle shredder

It is also known as the shear cutter. The double-axle shredder uses a two-axis independent drive, a unique shaft structure and a four-angle rotary cutter. In low production, material size is reduced by cutting, tearing, and extrusion. It is widely used in crushing scrap metal, scrap plastic, scrap rubber tires, wood and other materials.

2. Metal shredder

Metal shredder is mainly used for thin and light materials. It can cut many things into small materials, such as light scrap, waste cars, household appliances, oil drum, color steel tile and bicycle. It is recyclable and can reduce the space and easy to accumulate and pile up.

scrap shredder

3. Non-metallic shredder

Non-metallic shredder is suitable for tearing plastic, rubber and PVC pipes. It can also be used to tear hard to break solid materials, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical appliances and cables, circuit boards, plastic buckets and so on. Users can choose the appropriate type of crusher according to the material size and processing capacity.

4. PVC pipe shredder

PVC pipe shredder is also known as plastic shredder and suitable for crushing all kinds of large equipment of all kinds of materials, especially suitable for packaging into bundles of film or plastic bottles and other hard or medium hardness materials. The whole machine is equipped with a swing arm drive design and realizes the high output of PLC automatic control system. Depending on the type of crushed material, it can be torn into particles to promote regeneration.

Jiangyin YUANSHI heavy industry machinery co.,LTD. can provide you these types of scrap shredders. Welcome to contact with us.

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