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Development Trend of Double-Axle Shredder

Release time: 2020-02-25


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Development Trend of Double-Axle Shredder
The Double-Axle shredder, also known as a shear shredder, reduces the size of the material by cutting, tearing and squeezing, and provides reliable quality equipment for the early crushing and volume reduction of waste recycling.
Adopting dual-axis independent drive, unique cutter shaft structure and four-corner rotary cutter, in the production process of low speed and high torque, there will be no shaft entanglement or stuck equipment, thereby improving production efficiency.

The Double-Axle shredder is representative of shredding plastic, metal, rubber, wood, etc. According to market surveys, the direction of society's demand for garbage disposal is to be environmentally friendly and to be effectively reused.
In recent years, urban and rural areas have developed vigorously. Various waste tires, waste wood, waste paint buckets, waste cardboard boxes, waste grass and other industries have been mass-producing, and the demand for complete sets of equipment for crushing materials and their products is increasing.

In addition, e-commerce will bring greater economic benefits to shredder manufacturers, and offline activities are indispensable. By setting up an e-commerce model for transactions, more and more traditional industries have tasted the sweetness. Many buyers lament that online purchases make transactions convenient. However, in the mode of shredder blade sales, e-commerce cannot replace traditional marketing, and it is impossible to solve the technical and after-sales problems in a timely manner on the e-commerce network platform. At this time, the service model that allows buyers to observe and experience in real time is long-term. The future trend of the development of dual-shaft shredders will be a close combination of online and offline direct platforms.

Yuanshi Heavy Works is a manufacturer of Double-Axle shredders for many years. It is already a brand of Double-Axle shredders. Please visit the product page for details.

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