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Tire crushing applications

Release time: 2020-04-15


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Tire crushing applications

Waste tires are useless for cars, but after processing on the tire crushing production line, the waste tires become rubber particles and immediately become waste.

The crushed rubber particles can be used in rubber grounds such as sports grounds, running tracks, campus sports grounds, swimming pools, park trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten sports grounds and casinos, tennis courts and basketball courts, rubber pipes, tires and Tire inner pads, shockproof, gaskets, waterproof materials for roofs and walls, train floor mats, car and truck floors are widely used.

Tire broken particles

Tire broken particles

Use of broken particles

Application of broken tire particles in sports field

Recycling and recycling of waste tires can not only use waste garbage, but also centralize disposal to reduce pollution. Yuan Shi Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of crushers with many years of manufacturing experience. Most of the products are sold overseas and are trusted and praised by foreign customers. The quality is absolutely guaranteed. The tire crushing production line is used to solve the problem of waste tire disposal in minutes. The crushing production line is specially launched by Yuan's Heavy Industry for the treatment of waste tires. Come and turn waste tires into treasure. If you want to know more about the price of tire crushers, please contact us.

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