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Teach you to distinguish shredder

Release time: 2020-04-26

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Teach you to distinguish shredder

Common shredders in our lives are mainly uniaxial shredder and double-axle shredder. Many users do not understand the use and performance of these two shredders. Today I will teach you how to distinguish between these two types of scrap shredders .

Scrap Shredder

Scrap Shredder

The difference between single uniaxial shredder and double-axle shredder:

①The biggest difference: knife roller

The uniaxial shredder has only one blade roller, while the double-axle shredder is composed of two blades engaging the rollers.

② Shredding principle

The single uniaxial shredder is equipped with only one moving shaft, and the blades are installed on this shaft, forming a mutual shearing form with the fixed knife on the box body. The main shaft is driven by the motor and the reducer, and the material is driven into the gap between the moving knife and the stationary knife by the spiral blade.
Double shaft shredder, it has two moving shafts, both with blades, the two shafts rotate relatively, because the blades are spiral, the material will be squeezed, torn and sheared at the same time, so that the material can be very good Entered the equipment and completed the work smoothly.

③Number of motors

The single-shaft shredder equipment uses a motor, the power is relatively small, and the power consumption is not large. The small-scale recycling waste material plant is more suitable for the single-shaft shredder equipment, and the processing capacity is smaller.
The two-shaft shredder equipment uses two high-power motors and two reducers. The power is stronger and the power consumption is also increased. This is the most obvious difference between the two. The double shaft shredder has high working efficiency and large output, and is suitable for customers who have requirements on the processing capacity and finished products.

④ Shred raw materials

Some materials with lower hardness, such as plastic, wood, paper products, etc. It can choose a single uniaxial shredder, but some materials with higher hardness and toughness, such as plastic films, rubber, metal products, etc. Double shaft shredder equipment has great power, and can be easily shredded.

Yuanshi heavy industry not only has single and double shaft shredders, but also non-metal shredders and PVC shredders. Different types of shredders have a processing capacity of 2 tons per hour to a maximum of 18 tons. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to the material size and processing capacity.

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