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How to use waste paper packaging machine?

Release time: 2020-04-29

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How to use waste paper packaging machine?

In fact, in the process of using the waste paper packaging machine, there will inevitably be doubts about its use. Now let's take a look at the correct horizontal baler operation steps.

HPM Series Horizontal Baling Machine

HPM Series Horizontal Baling Machine

1. When using a waste paper packer, first check whether the equipment is in normal use, whether there are any unsafe factors in the machine, and whether the packaging materials are sufficient.
2. All inspections are ready, you can open the switch box, turn on the emergency stop button, until the power indicator light of the power control box is on, indicating normal operation. If the inspection finds that the system fails to start, it is necessary to further check whether the power supply is out of phase and whether the stringing machine is stuck. Check the problem, you must be careful, because this step is very important, you need to check carefully.
3. Remote control local file, select remote file.
4. Then insert the switch in the remote control into the slot, turn on the button in the remote control to start the system, the alarm sound will continue to sound for about 10 seconds, which means that the machine can operate normally.
5. Press the send button on the remote control to run the conveyor belt. Waste paper is automatically fed into the paper inlet and into the packing opening. After the waste paper enters the packaging entrance, slowly enter the appropriate position, and then press the compression button, the pressure system will appear red light flashing, waste paper from the front to the back, and then stop.
6. Then repeat the fourth step until the size of the packaging block meets its required size. You can press the packaging button and press the front of the waste paper in the appropriate position in the shutdown position until the alarm sounds.
7. Press the threading button, the threader passes the steel wire or plastic rope through the object block, and secures its packaging.
8. After packing all the waste paper, press the power button, remove the magnetic card, then turn off the emergency stop switch of the electric control box, and finally turn off the power.
The above are the detailed steps of the waste paper packer, as long as they are strictly followed, there will be no other problems. If you have other related questions, Yuanshi Heavy Industry is looking forward to your questions.

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