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Help you find the cause of the failure of the baler

Release time: 2020-04-16


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Help you find the cause of the failure of the baler
Yuan's heavy industry produces HPM horizontal baler for waste paper, waste plastic, straw and other loose materials. It adopts horizontal structure and can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual feeding. Through button operation, PLC control, safe and reliable. If there is a failure during use, there are generally the following reasons:

First, when the baler motor and pump are operating normally, the sudden sound is abnormal, mainly because the motor bearing is damaged or the motor runs out of phase

Second, the motor of the baler cannot be started due to the following reasons: the power is not connected, the fuse is blown, the overload protection action, and the wiring of the control device is incorrect.

Thirdly, the strong vibration of the waste paper baler motor during operation may be caused by the inconsistency of the motor and the mechanical center it drives, the failure of the coupling, the loss of balance of the unit, the weak foundation, and the rotor, which is scheduled to collide with the bore.

This is the general cause of possible malfunctions, and I hope it can help you. Yuanshi Heavy Industry is a professional crushing equipment manufacturer of hydraulic packaging, providing a variety of horizontal baler models, if necessary, we look forward to your questions.

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