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Production process of metal chip pie press

Release time: 2020-06-17

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Production process of metal chip pie press

Based on more than ten years of manufacturing experience, Yuanshi Heavy Industry has launched the metal chip pie press. The equipment has high operating efficiency, hydraulic drive and stable operation.

Hydraulic Scrap Cake Press

Hydraulic Scrap Cake Press

(1) Blanking stage: the piston rod in the horizontal hydraulic cylinder used to drive the movable barrel is aligned with the position of the fixed barrel, and then the metal flax that has passed through a stable material is accurately dropped by the fixed barrel Into the material chamber of the briquetting machine.
(2) Extrusion stage: In order to make the upper cover plate seal the cavity tightly, the cover plate needs to be driven backward by the piston rod of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder, and the extrusion head is driven up by the piston rod of the vertically arranged gravel cylinder In this way, the metal material that accurately falls into the material cavity is squeezed upward by the extrusion head and is compressed and formed. This stage includes several working steps such as rapid feed, working feed and maintaining pressure.
(3) Cavity stage: In order to ensure that the piston rod with vertically arranged liquid curvature can rise, the oil in the rod cavity of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder pushes the piston rod of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder backward, the upper cover plate is opened, and the metal material block is pushed to the cavity mouth The above is in preparation for being launched in the next process.
(4) Push-out stage: the piston rod of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder is pushed forward by the oil, so the upper cover plate pushes the metal material block that has been compressed into the body of the briquetting machine, and accurately falls on the conveyor behind the briquetting On the plane.

The above is a series of actions that are automatically and continuously completed by the photoelectric switch on the horizontal hydraulic cylinder and the vertical hydraulic cylinder, which first sends a signal and controls the hydraulic system through the electronic control system.

Y81 Metal Hydraulic Packer

Yuanshi Heavy Industry has been devoted to crushing equipment for many years. As a metal baler manufacturer, it has also launched Y81 scrap metal baler, which is suitable for the compression treatment of scrap steel, aluminum scrap and granules in steel mills, recycling industry, metallurgical industry, mechanical hydraulic integration, intelligent PLC Control, if you want to know more about hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler, please contact us.

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