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Precautions for the use of metal baler

Release time: 2020-08-20

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Precautions for the use of metal baler
Mechanical crushing equipment has always been the focus of Yuanshi Heavy Industry. Hydraulic packing equipment is also our area of expertise. Have you paid attention to the operation and precautions of metal packing machines?

1. The metal baler is a kind of industrial mechanical equipment. After the baler is powered on and enters the working process of baling and strapping, the operator should be careful not to reach into the machine to avoid accidents. In the same way, after a long period of use, the equipment will inevitably experience aging and damage. At this time, regular repairs and maintenance by staff are required. It should be noted here that the staff must disconnect the power in advance when working.

2. The metal baler must be placed in a dry environment, not in a humid environment, to avoid accelerating the rust and aging of the baler equipment, and the baler is also a kind of electrical equipment, if the environment is too humid, it will easily cause the motor The occurrence of failures such as UMC.
3. The power supply of the metal baler is safe. Security issues must be treated with caution. When installing the baler equipment, you must first understand the number of power phases of the equipment. If it is a three-phase power supply equipment, make sure that the power cord is grounded during installation to avoid electrostatic failure. Before using the equipment, pay attention to check whether the mechanical equipment can be turned on normally, and remember to cut off the power after use to avoid accidents.
4. Do not operate the baler in an environment with severe dust. The dust itself is charged. When the dust deposits around the equipment, it will cause a short circuit of the equipment. When the dust accumulates between the equipment switches, it will also cause the switch If there is too much dust accumulation, it will affect the heat dissipation of the motor of the device, causing the device to overheat and reduce the bearing capacity of the device.
5. The metal baler needs cleaning and maintenance. If you want the equipment to work smoothly, regular maintenance and cleaning are inevitable. Regular maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of repairing and replacing the equipment.

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