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Manufacturing Technology of Packaging Shearing Machine

Release time: 2020-04-17

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Manufacturing Technology of Packaging Shearing Machine

During the processing of scrap metal materials, the volume of scrap iron and steel materials is too large and the size is too long, so how to deal with it? This requires packaging shears to process, cut them into qualified furnace materials.

YDJ packaging shears are mainly composed of several parts. The main machine is welded with steel plate, and the surface is sprayed after derusting and grinding. The host has the function of maintaining the platform. The cylinder block is made of 45 # steel. The boring and inner holes are rolled to ensure the smoothness and hardness of the inner wall of the cylinder. The cylinder piston rod is made of 45 # round steel after tempering (HRc32). Grind the surface after quenching (HRc45), after hard chrome plating (thickness 0.04-0.05 Mm) to ensure the cleanliness and hardness of the piston rod surface. The hydraulic system uses independent filters and cooling devices.

Packing shears pictures

Packing shears pictures

Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of various large-scale hydraulic packaging and mechanical crushing equipment. Various types of packaging shears easily handle scrap steel, containers, scrap of various profiles and steel plates, scrap steel for construction, thin and light materials, scrap car shells, and scrap steel bars. I haven't come to Yuan Shi Heavy Industry, a manufacturer of packaging shears with rich experience, to solve the problem of handling large volumes of waste materials.

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