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Yuanshi Heavy Industry-One-stop service

Release time: 2020-03-26


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Yuanshi Heavy Industry-One-stop service

Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery produces waste crushers, vertical Packer, metal shears, etc. Since its establishment, the company has always put customer needs first. In order to better serve customers, we provide specific stages of service processes:

Y82 Vertical Packer

Vertical Packer

Before the sale

We provide customers with the recommended equipment model of the hydraulic packing shear mechanical crushing equipment, manufacture products according to the customer's special requirements, train customers for technical personnel, and send engineering and technical personnel to plan the site, design process and scheme for customers for free.

During the sales process

Ensure product acceptance, assist customers in drawing up construction plans, establish customer files, and track them.

For after-sale tracking service

Within one week of product delivery, the staff of our after-sale service department will follow up the phone according to the customer's contact information until the customer is satisfied; the cost of product quality during the warranty period is borne by our company; Products under warranty, our company is committed to regular door-to-door inspection and life-long maintenance.

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