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Notes on lifting electromagnet

Release time: 2020-01-21

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Notes on lifting electromagnet

In daily life, lifting electromagnetic machines are still used in many occasions. They are used in various ports, metallurgical steel, cement and building materials, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, grain, oil, food, and railway logistics.

Lifting Sucker

Lifting electromagnet (metal material handling)

Note the following points when using the lifting electromagnetic machine:
1. Please place the Lifting Sucker on the sucked object stably, otherwise please don't power on, it is strictly prohibited to use the electromagnet as a hammer.
2. When lifting a single piece of slender steel, the electromagnet should be sucked and lifted at the center. When the ground is lifted, if the height difference between the two ends exceeds 300mm, please suction again, otherwise it will cause a safety accident.
3. Use high temperature lifting electromagnet to lift high-temperature objects exceeding 100 ° C. It is strictly forbidden to use normal temperature type lifting electromagnet to lift high-temperature objects, and minimize the contact time between the electromagnets and high-temperature objects;
5. During the operation, check the voltage and current indication values of the electromagnet control equipment regularly, and deal with any abnormalities in time;

6. The electromagnet should be kept dry. After use, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated place without harmful substances.

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