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Metal press machine purchase-recommend Yuanshi Heavy Industry

Release time: 2020-07-23

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Metal press machine purchase-recommend Yuanshi Heavy Industry
Hydraulic metal press machine: It includes two models of metal chip briquetting machine and metal baler, which indirectly cold press various metal scraps under high pressure, which is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling.

The metal briquetting machine can indirectly cold press powdered cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, high-quality mineral powders, etc. into cakes for storage, transportation, and recycling. After being pressed into a block, the loss is extremely low when throwing into the furnace for recycling. The entire production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, indirect cold forming, while forming, it also ensures that the original material remains unchanged.

Hydraulic metal press machines are divided into two types, horizontal and vertical, due to different materials. Yuanshi Heavy Industry recommends the hydraulic equipment you need based on the material you are briquetting. If the material you need to briquette is scrap metal scraps, iron scraps, pig iron scraps, aluminum scraps, steel scraps, mineral powder, etc., such briquettes have certain requirements for the density of the briquettes. Under conditions, a vertical metal chip briquetting machine is required. When the materials you are briquetting are large metal scraps, scrap iron, scrap copper, aluminum plates, car shells, bicycle frames, electric bicycle frames, waste oil drums, cans, etc., and the density after briquetting If there is no requirement, we recommend using a horizontal metal briquetting machine. 

Y82 Vertical Packer

Y82 Vertical Packer

Horizontal Baling Machine

Horizontal Baling Machine

There are two main types of hydraulic metal press machine, namely: vertical type and horizontal type.

The metal briquetting machine is divided into two types, vertical and horizontal. Generally, vertical is selected. Horizontal is not commonly used. Compared with horizontal metal briquetting machine, vertical has a small footprint, compact structure and output. Primary disadvantage. The vertical task table is large, and multiple products can be molded at one time. The pressure conditions of each part of the equipment are different, and there is no wear and tear. It is also convenient and quick to change molds and maintain equipment. This equipment can compress metal scraps such as copper scraps, aluminum scraps, iron scraps, steel scraps, cast iron scraps, etc. It can also press various scraps, scraps, etc., if the size of the scrap is larger than the size of the mold, it needs to stop the crushing treatment before pressing. Due to the use of fully automatic hydraulic tradition, the pressure is relatively large, and the density of the formed cake is greater than 4, the storage and transportation process will not show the situation of bulk material and commodity crushing, and will not cause loss to users. Due to the high density of the finished product, the casting cost can be reduced.

Compared with the traditional baler, the automatic metal briquetting machine has the advantages of higher density of molded products, higher output, and higher level of automation. 

Yuan Shi has worked hard as a crushing equipment manufacturer and has many years of experience in the field of mechanical crushing equipment. Recommend Y83 metal chip Pie press can help you solve the problem of waste metal treatment. Whether it is hydraulic metal press machine or Vertical Metal Hydraulic Baler, Yuanshi Heavy Industry can provide it. Welcome to buy.

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