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Metal chip pie press components

Release time: 2020-05-15

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Metal chip pie press components
Yuanshi Heavy Industry launched metal chip pie press, which is a metal chip pie press manufacturer. Y83 metal chip pie press is sold overseas and is well received. As a professional seller of Hydraulic Scrap Cake Press, Y83 Metal Chip Pie Press models are sold, and the products are sold after strict inspection.

What are the components of metal chip pie press?

Y83 Metal Chip Pie Press

In general, the metal briquetting machine is mainly composed of three main parts: the host, the control system, and the hydraulic pump station. The control system consists of an electrical system and a PLC control system. Each action sequence and each action time of the oil cylinder are completely controlled by the PLC system, equipped with an adjustable text display, which can be adjusted by the operator at any time, which is convenient, quick and easy to operate.
The hydraulic pump station system is mainly composed of motors, hydraulic oil pumps, oil pump protection devices, professional control valve blocks and pipelines connected to metal briquetting machines. The hydraulic station system adopts a unique cooling system, so that the oil temperature is not easy to rise, and the oil circuit is redesigned, which makes the molding cycle short and the shift output higher. According to the actual situation of the customer, it can be equipped with a screw automatic feeder and a chain type automatic feeder to reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor input.
After reading the components, will you let you know more about the metal chip pie press? Only a better understanding of the products will make our equipment run better and have a longer life.
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