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Maintenance of metal press machine parts

Release time: 2020-07-30

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Maintenance of metal press machine parts

It is important to purchase a high-quality metal press machine, but the later maintenance of the metal press machine is also a top priority and one of the important links to reduce equipment costs. The maintenance of the hydraulic system in the metal press machine is essential. Due to maintenance concepts, technical limitations and other reasons, the quality and service life of the hydraulic cylinders of domestic metal briquetting presses are difficult to achieve satisfactory results. 

The input-output ratio between hydraulic cylinder repair and the purchase of new hydraulic cylinders is also very confusing for various domestic material reprocessing companies. Therefore, the maintenance of the metal press machine can fundamentally reduce the maintenance cost, improve the efficiency of briquetting, and achieve greater profits.

So when we usually use metal press machine, how should we maintain and maintain this? First, we need to further understand the components of hydraulic metal press machine. Generally speaking, the hydraulic metal press machine is mainly composed of the main engine, the control system, and the hydraulic pump station. The control system consists of an electrical system and a PLC control system. Each movement sequence and each movement time of the oil cylinder is fully controlled by the PLC system, equipped with an adjustable text display, which can be adjusted by the operator at any time, which is convenient, quick and easy to operate. 

The hydraulic pump station system is mainly composed of a motor, a hydraulic oil pump, an oil pump protection device, a professional control valve block and a pipe connecting the metal briquetting machine. The hydraulic station system adopts a unique cooling system to prevent the oil temperature from rising easily, and the oil circuit is redesigned to make the molding cycle shorter and higher output. According to the actual situation of the customer, a spiral automatic feeder and a chain automatic feeder can be equipped to reduce the labor intensity of the workers and save the labor input.

Metal briquetting machine

After understanding the main components of the hydraulic metal press machine, we can maintain and maintain the metal press machine. Next, let's take a look at the maintenance and maintenance tasks of each stage of the metal press machine!

1. Every week, the waste or dirt in the metal briquetting machine bin must be removed.
2. The slide plate, middle knife and front top knife need to be cleaned, maintained and lubricated once a month.
3. In addition to the above two maintenance, lubricating oil must be added to all bearings every three months.
4. The oil in the wheel box of the reducer needs to be replenished every two years.
5. Each time you add oil, it should be appropriate and not excessive, so as not to cause some parts to malfunction due to oil immersion.

The above points are not the whole content of the maintenance of the metal briquetting machine. If you buy metal briquetting machine equipment, you must read the product manual carefully. There are more detailed introductions in the maintenance of the metal briquetting machine. You only need to carefully implement each part according to the introduction, strictly Careful and careful repair and maintenance according to each item listed above can not only extend the service life of the metal briquetting machine, but also improve the working efficiency of the metal briquetting machine and the quality of the finished products.

Yuanshi heavy industry work as a metal press machine manufacturer will provide you with full service. After you purchase a metal press machine, within one week of product delivery, the staff of our after-sales service department will conduct telephone follow-up consultations based on the customer's contact information , Until the customer is satisfied. Our company has established a strong emergency maintenance service team, experienced on-site engineers and senior technical personnel, who can rush to the site for repair and replacement in the fastest time.

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