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Lifting electromagnet technology

Release time: 2020-01-21


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Lifting electromagnet technology

Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery has launched a Lifting Sucker. Any metal material that can be magnetized can be processed by a lifting electromagnetic machine for material handling and metal separation.

Lifting Sucker

The lifting electromagnetic machine is composed of a bottom case, an iron core, a coil, a panel and a junction box. The manufacturing process is as follows: choose a metal welding or casting bottom shell, install the iron core on the bottom shell according to different types of suction cups; coils around the corresponding turns and technical parameters, and install on the core after drying; Asphalt or other waterproof material; install the panel and bottom shell parts together.

The lifting electromagnetic chuck adopts DC power supply, which has the characteristics of stability, strong suction, fully sealed welding structure, and good moisture resistance.

Yuanshi Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of electromagnetic chucks. Welcome to consult our company for purchase, quality and quality guarantee, and perfect after-sales maintenance guarantee.

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