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Lifting sucker instructions

Release time: 2020-04-21

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Lifting sucker instructions

We have interesting products in the field of industrial electromagnets, because we are responsible for the design of the entire lifting electromagnet, as well as its entire production and delivery.

Lifting sucker

Lifting electromagnet can lift any metal material that may be attracted by the magnetic field. They are easy to maintain and work. From slats to rods, sticks or steel beams, lifting electromagnets play a role in the logistics and material handling of the entire factory. Electromagnets can also work under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, dust, and heavy loads.

We can add optional features to each lifting magnet installation to make full use of your material handling magnets. For example: telescopic on / off, special suspension, fixed welding hooks can increase the versatility of the system, protective pads, loose cable control, collision control, access / exit control of each elevator, radio control or equipment information, battery-powered ( Power-off safety system), integrated rotation.

We design, build and provide a complete system: solenoid, power supply (cable reel is optional), and each wire of the electrical control box and circuit. This box is manufactured and controlled by our electrical engineering department to ensure that the system meets voltage, resistance and electrical safety standards. And we are also responsible for providing support batteries to prevent accidental release of the load in the event of a power failure. We have to give the battery at least 20 minutes of power supply time. Lead or nickel / cadmium can be used to provide batteries for lifting electromagnets.

Yuanshi heavy industry can provide different cranes and lifting equipment according to customer needs. It is a professional supplier of lifting electromagnets. We study the production of separators that separate metals and non-metals. We can provide electromagnets suitable for different applications, including room temperature lifting electromagnets, high temperature lifting electromagnets, diving electromagnets, lifting electromagnetic machines and heavy electromagnets.

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