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Lifting Sucker

Lifting electromagnet (metal material handling separator)

Any metal material that can be magnetized can be processed by a lifting electromagnet machine. It is a very valuable material handling and separation machine, which is easy to maintain and easy to work.
Lifting electromagnet (metal material handling separator)
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Lifting electromagnet characteristics

1. Fully sealed welding structure, good moisture resistance.
2. Reasonable magnetic circuit design, high-quality low-carbon steel plate, high-quality mica, with good thermal conductivity and heat resistance, improve the thermal processing efficiency of lifting electromagnets.
3. The electrical and mechanical properties of the excitation coil are improved through optimized design and special treatment.
4. The rated starting durability of ordinary lifting electromagnets reaches 60%, which improves the efficiency of lifting electromagnets.
5. The high temperature lifting electromagnet uses a unique thermal insulation method to increase the temperature of the absorbing material to 700 ° C, which has expanded the application range of the lifting electromagnet.
6. Easy to install and maintain.

Lifting electromagnet classification

1. When the suction temperature is lower than 100 ℃, the normal temperature type lifting electromagnet should be selected. When the temperature exceeds 100 C, a high temperature type electromagnet should be selected.
2. When the power-on duration exceeds 60%, please select the high frequency type.
3. When inhaling and lifting materials in the water, please select the dive type (dive depth <100m).
(The parameters of diving electromagnet are the same as those of normal temperature. If the user needs diving electromagnet, please specify when ordering.)

Lifting electromagnet application

1. Steel and other magnetically conductive materials used in lifting metallurgy, mining, casting, machinery, transportation and other industries.
2. It can be used as an electromagnetic manipulator for fixing magnetically permeable materials such as iron and steel.

Note on lifting electromagnet

1. Ambient temperature for selective spraying: normal temperature type -20 40 and high temperature type -2080. The altitude does not exceed 2500 meters, and the air humidity does not exceed 85%.

2. Equipment matching: When used individually, please select the rectification control equipment and auxiliary equipment according to the power consumption (current); when combining multiple units, please choose according to the total power consumption (current) of the number of units.

Yuanshi Heavy Industry is a supplier of lifting electromagnets. We research the production of separators that separate metal and non-metals. We can provide electromagnets for different applications, including normal temperature lifting electromagnets, high temperature lifting electromagnets, and diving lifts. Heavy electromagnets, etc.

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