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Installation of hydraulic packer

Release time: 2020-01-21


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Installation of hydraulic packer

The waste hydraulic baler is used to squeeze and solidify waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and uses special packaging tape to pack and form. Yuan's Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched a waste hydraulic baler to reduce its volume greatly, thereby reducing the transportation volume The effect of saving freight.

Scrap Baler

The stability of the hydraulic waste baler depends on whether the equipment is properly designed and installed with high quality. High-quality installation is very important for the waste hydraulic baler. If the waste hydraulic baler is properly installed and maintained, it will reduce the occurrence of failures. What should I pay attention to during installation?
1. Pay attention to the schematic diagram and electrical diagram used in the system during installation.
2. As the components are easy to invade the sand and soil during transportation, if they are directly installed, it will affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, the more important components must be tested for their performance before installation, and then installed and debugged.
3. Since the components are precision machinery, they must be carried out in a clean environment before installation.

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