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Inspection of shredder blade

Release time: 2020-02-25


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Inspection of shredder blade
In order to improve the process quality of the shredder blade, the shredder blade after welding should be carefully inspected in order to find the cause of the defect and improve it. Before viewing, the shredder blade should be sandblasted or quietly ground to remove solder and impurities adhering to the surface of the blade, and cleaned with hot oil. The items and requirements reviewed are as follows:

First, check the strength of the weld, use a green silicon carbide grinding wheel to grind the back of a shredder knife, and check the thickness of the solder layer. The thickness must be less than 0.15 mm. There must be no air holes and lack of solder at the bottom surface of the blade tip support. The weld seam not filled with solder should not be more than one tenth of the total length of the weld. If there are air holes, the blade will crack when it is torn.
2. Check the orientation of the shredder blade in the sipe, such as the misalignment of the blade and the rule that the sagging exceeds the skill conditions, and it should be re-welded.
3. Check the welding strength. Use a wooden or copper hammer to strike the blade with a moderate force, or use a hammer to strike the blade with a strong force. At this time, the blade does not fall from the sipe to be qualified. Check the blade welding strength, there is no need to check each one.
Fourth, check the flatness of the shredder blade, if there are obvious pits on the blade, it is stated that the blade is overheated and deformed, and the new blade should be burned and re-welded.
Fifth, look for cracks, after the shredder blade is washed with fire oil, if the blade is cracked. The kerosene penetrates into the cracks and appears as a black line. It can be investigated with the naked eye, and it can also be investigated with a 10-40 times magnifying glass. Look for blade cracks. Color inspection is also available. Place the cutter blade part in the solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash it with water, apply a layer of white clay, and investigate its appearance after drying. If there are cracks on the blade, the color of the solution will be exposed on the white clay. It can be seen with the naked eye that cracked shredder blades cannot be used and need to be welded from scratch.

Checking the shredder blade work plays a key role in the normal operation of the shredder. Yuanshi Heavy Industry will always guarantee the quality and performance of our shredder blades. Of course, there are many types of shredders, and welcome to consult.

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