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Hydraulic metal baler improves production efficiency

Release time: 2020-05-18

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Hydraulic metal baler improves production efficiency

When choosing a metal hydraulic packer, users need to pay attention to the classification. Yuan Shi Heavy Industry has produced Y81 Scrap Metal Baler for metal packaging. Not only are there a variety of Scrap Metal Baler models, but also customized Hydraulic Baler.

 Metal Hydraulic Packer

Now this kind of equipment can be distinguished according to the processing raw materials, one kind of equipment can complete the processing operation of metal chips, and the other kind of equipment can package the metal materials. Although there are certain differences between the two kinds of equipment, the process of use The working principle in China is basically the same. They pressurize the metal materials with a large pressure, and these raw materials are made into certain specifications and models. The materials can be transported and stored at will, and can also be used for the recovery of scrap metal. The use of work provides many conveniences.

At present, the application range of metal hydraulic baler is also relatively wide. It can be used in the metal recycling industry, and can also be used in various metal smelting and processing places. The use of equipment can effectively improve the utilization rate of materials. The performance of the equipment has also been greatly improved, and has more application advantages.

In the process of using metal hydraulic packer, the installation and fixing process can be completed in a simple way. Only simple steps can be used to fix the installation equipment, and there is no need to make foundations and other reinforcement devices. If there are no surroundings when installing the metal pressing block The power socket can also directly use the diesel engine to provide the power source. Now the production of metal briquetting equipment is very flexible. The power source can be provided by hydraulic pressure, and diesel can also be used to supply energy.

When processing materials through Scrap Metal Baler, you can choose the appropriate packaging method according to the processing needs, you can let the equipment be automatically packaged, or you can complete the operation process through manual assistance.

Yuan Shi Heavy Industry is a Metal baler manufacturer. He has many years of manufacturing experience in packaging equipment. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

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