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Hydraulic baler structural failure

Release time: 2020-07-06

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Hydraulic baler structural failure
Yuanshi heavy industry launches a variety of hydraulic equipment, but there will always be failure problems during the operation of the machine. Yuan's heavy industry takes you to understand the structural failure of hydraulic packaging equipment. What is the problem?

Metal Hydraulic Baler

Firstly, it analyzes from the principle of hydraulic baler: the structure of traditional hydraulic baler is composed of 4 parts: body seat, take-out belt system, transmission system and control system.

1. Body seat: cutter set, upper and lower slides, cam set, rear swing lever, front swing lever
2. Delivery belt system: delivery belt group, upper extension, lower extension, clutch, tightening and conditioning group
3. Transmission system: motor, belt, belt tension block, electromagnetic clutch, reducer, clutch, gear
4. Control system: switch, fuse, transformer, single-chip microcomputer, clue, micro switch
Equipment failure phenomenon: the package is on the machine during the work and cannot be removed. Press the reset button and the machine will work normally.
Fault analysis: According to the fault phenomenon, the problem appears in: the take-out and take-up belt system, the take-up wheel group, the balance bar conditioning, the tightening conditioning group, the micro switch, the tape cutting controller, the microcontroller, and the uneven thickness of the packaging belt.

So the precautions for using the baler are here.

The baler is a strapping machine that we often use to pack various items. When we use the machine, we must operate according to the regulations.
1. Pay attention to some matters when using electrical components, such as repairing and adjusting the time of the baler. Be sure to cut off the power switch and unplug the power plug. When the power is turned on, touch the electronic control box or transformer with your hand, there will be a risk of electric shock . In addition, the external insulation is damaged, and contact with the body will cause an electric shock accident, which is very risky.
2. Regarding the heater, if the heater is directly touched by hand at high temperature (about 230 degrees), it will be burned. We need to cool down for a period of time after turning off the power supply before we can return to normal temperature.
3. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to extend the hand or head into the structure. If the head or hand is extended into the structure, it will cause damage to the body.
4. When we remove the upper panel, we should pay attention to cut off the power switch, unplug the power supply, and then repair and adjust the machine.

Yuanshi heavy industry is a Metal baler manufacturer. He has rich manufacturing experience in hydraulic equipment packaging and Scrap metal recycling equipment. It uses high-quality national standard steel plates and advanced welding technology. The mechanical parts are durable, have a low failure rate, and have a long service life.

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