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Four characteristics of the product processed by the metal briquetting machine

Release time: 2020-05-22

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Four characteristics of the product processed by the metal briquetting machine

Yuanshi Heavy Industries is a briquetting machine manufacturer, researching and manufacturing hydraulic metal press machine for metal packing hydraulic problems.

Metal briquetting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses hydraulic power to compress materials. It is mainly used in various metal manufacturing industries and recycling processing industries. It can scrap products such as aluminum scrap, scrap iron, scrap steel, cans, bicycle parts, etc. , Compress and process different shapes through equipment, which is convenient for transportation and reuse.

The equipment has a compact structural design, integrated hydraulic transmission and control device, which is convenient for operation and use. Moreover, a pulley is installed at the bottom of the equipment to ensure mobility. During the installation process, it does not need to be fixed more. Users can customize according to their own processing needs, including the size, size and shape of the processed materials. At the same time, with the help of automatic control devices, metal briquetting machines greatly improve work efficiency. The existing metal briquetting machines in the market are classified according to different performance characteristics and model sizes to meet the processing needs of most users. Reflects the market development potential.

Most of the products processed by the metal briquetting machine have the following characteristics:

1. Shape rules, usually before operation, the appropriate mold will be selected according to user needs to determine the amount of material required for processing to ensure qualified shape requirements.
2. Aesthetics: The metal briquetting machine mainly undergoes five procedures for compression, and is strictly controlled. At the same time, the surface uses lubricants to avoid wear on the surface of the workpiece due to processing and ensure aesthetics.
3. The material after briquetting is convenient for transportation, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the enterprise and improves the economic efficiency of the enterprise.
4. Reflect the advantages of environmental protection performance and energy saving, the metal materials after briquetting can meet the purpose of reuse of the enterprise, and it is convenient for storage.
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