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Features and instructions for scrap steel gantry shears

Release time: 2020-09-08

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Features and instructions for scrap steel gantry shears
Yuanshi Heavy Industry is passionate about building and developing Gantry scrap shearing machine, specializing in the production of various large-scale hydraulic baling shears, mechanical crushing equipment, and let you know more about Longmen Scrap Shearing Machine.
Q91 Gantry Scrap Shearing Machine
Features of scrap  steel gantry shears:
1. Integration of mechanical system, electrical system and hydraulic system. Lower noise, lower vibration, beautiful appearance, small floor space, no need to install, easy to move, ready to use when connected to electricity;
2. The main frame of the scrap steel gantry shearing machine and the main structure of the shearing head are integral steel castings, and the service life is more than twice as long as the welding machine. It solves the problem that the welding mechanism of the welding machine is deformed and detached due to long use Disadvantages such as welding;
3. The improved model still retains the advantages of the factory's rapid hydraulic system, and the quality is more reliable. The maintenance cost of the equipment is significantly reduced after many years. It is to replace the main shaft of the main machine. No large lifting device is required, and it can be used on the user's site. get on.
4. Scrap steel gantry shears will give the metal recycling and processing industry a brand new look, replacing the old model market. High-quality, high-speed machines will increase your economic benefits and reduce your worries.

Instructions for use:    
1. If the user cannot eliminate the fault, please contact us immediately. Our company has established a strong emergency maintenance service team, and all maintenance personnel are on standby at any time to better solve the customer's worries.
2. Inspect the oil filter in the fuel tank once a year, and promptly remove the foreign matter inside, and clean it with gasoline.
3. The fuel tank should be cleaned once every six months, but the cleaning and filtering of the oil should not exceed forty hours to remove one-time pollution. The new oil that has been used once is only allowed to be used again after strict filtration. New cloth should be used for scrubbing the fuel tank, and it is strictly forbidden to use waste silk, yarn ends and rags.
4. The oil added to the tank must be strictly filtered by a copper mesh of more than 100 mesh, and sufficient oil should be kept (about 250 liters). If it is insufficient, the oil should be filled immediately.

If you have any questions about scrap steel gantry shears, please raise them immediately. Yuanshi Heavy Industry is looking forward to your arrival.

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