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Copper Rice Machine

XL dry copper rice machine (600/800/1200 model)

XL type dry copper rice machine is suitable for wire and cable recycling, copper and plastic separation, wire and cable breaking. It is a recycling industry line that recycles waste wires and cables.XL dry copper rice machine automatic production operation can improve production efficiency and protect the environment.
XL dry copper rice machine (600/800/1200 model)
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Features of XL Dry Copper Rice Machine (600/800/1200 Model)

The characteristics of XL Dry copper rice machine are that the size of the production line can be broken without separation and classification, the structure is novel and unique, the production capacity is large, and the energy consumption is low. High sorting rate, Paper feeding at one time, multi-machine collaboration is completed. XL Dry copper rice machine Full automatic intelligent control is in the leading position in China. The successful development of the machine solves the problems in the process of burning copper and improves the quality of recovered copper.

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and easy installation.

2. Fully automatic intelligent control makes the equipment evenly fed and intelligently operated, which makes the operation simpler and ensures the stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

3. The crusher is roll-to-roll type, with low speed, large torque, large output, low noise and simple operation.

4, crusher, sorting equipment, and dust collection equipment adopt a platform combination to make the equipment easy to move and transport, and increase the flexibility of the equipment.

5. Alternating crusher shafts are used in the rotor of the crusher, which makes the crusher more efficient, lower noise and more stable operation.

6. Sorting rate of air separation equipment is over 99%.

7. The recycling system crushes the semi-finished product twice to ensure the complete separation of metal and non-metal.

8. Bag dust removal equipment can effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is more than 99%

XL Dry Copper Rice Machine (600/800/1200 Model) Details







Host Size

600 Dry Copper 

Rice Machine








800 Dry Copper 

Rice Machine









1200 Dry Copper 

Rice Machine









Advantages of XL Dry Copper Rice Machine (600/800/1200 Model)

1. Economic benefits: The regeneration of the same wire, the recovery rate of the machine is more than 99%, which can enable us to use more wires effectively in limited resources, and the price is low, thereby greatly reducing the economic burden on users.

2. Protect the environment: The whole process of crushing, sorting and collecting dust is strict and coordinated, and it is more effective than burning or other methods.

XL dry copper rice machine (600/800/1200 model )Range Of Use

Separation of circuit wires in old cars, broken communication cables,

Not suitable for the recycling of waste and miscellaneous wires and filaments of various civilian wires

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