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Don't worry about the rust of the crusher

Release time: 2020-07-01

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Don't worry about the rust of the crusher

During the long-term use of the crusher, machine rust is a relatively common problem. The crusher is made of steel as a material. If it is operated in an open environment or an area with a lot of rain and weather for a long time, it is prone to rust. Long-term untimely treatment will cause the performance of the equipment to decline.

scrap metal crusher

scrap metal crusher

Anti-rust measures for crusher
In order to prevent premature rust, corrosion and other problems of the crusher, it is essential to strengthen the maintenance of the crusher. It is best for the manufacturer to arrange professional personnel to perform regular maintenance on the crusher. For components that are prone to rust, the preservatives must be applied regularly. It can also be coated with anti-oxidation paints such as mineral paints and spray paints to prevent rusting of iron products after contact with water and air.

In addition, for the crusher that has not been working for a long time, it is also necessary to strengthen maintenance, regularly check whether the paint is complete, and try to avoid direct contact between the bottom of the crusher and the ground. In order to prevent foreign objects from entering the machine, it is necessary to apply appropriate grease for protection.

Crusher derusting measures
How should we deal with the crusher that has rusted phenomenon? The experts of Red Star Machine put forward the following common methods by summing up experience.
1. Chemical rust removal method: By using acid to remove the rust on the surface of the crusher, this method can only be used in the production workshop, and pay attention to safety and avoid direct human contact.
2. High-pressure water abrasive rust removal: The strong impact of high-pressure water jet is used to remove the rust on the steel plate. This method will not produce dust pollution and will not damage the steel plate. The rust removal efficiency is higher and the effect is better. However, this method is more prone to back-embroidery.
3. Electric rust removal method: Mainly through the use of electricity or compressed air, the appropriate rust removal device is configured to achieve the effect of rust removal. This method has a wide adaptability and can be suitable for any occasion.

Yuanshi heavy industry reminds tips: be sure to check the equipment regularly, deal with the problems in time, and prevent the equipment from getting rusty. At the same time, we are also committed to providing our customers with related solutions for crushing equipment and hydraulic packaging. Welcome to purchase.

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