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Crusher precautions

Release time: 2020-03-26


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Crusher precautions
We all know the use of crushers, scrap metal crushers can be used to crush used cars, household appliances, bicycles, truck fences, empty cans (cleaning, removing thinners, paints, etc.), other scrap steel, crushing various non-ferrous metals, etc .
scrap metal crusher
But at the same time, we must pay attention to which materials are not suitable for crushing, and some materials cannot be put into the scrap metal crusher.
1. Sealed containers and conduits cannot be put into the machine
2. Engines, reducers, tires, motors, compressors, and shafts of used cars also affect the service life of the machine;
3. The scrap metal input must not contain explosive, flammable and toxic liquids, gases and dust;
4. Toxic or aggressive substances;
5. Refrigerant, transformer oil, asbestos, batteries, etc. will damage the machine.
Note: Please do not put the above materials into the waste crusher

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