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        Our Company Is Located In Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China. It Is A Professional Company Specializing In The Production Of Various Large-Scale Hydraulic Packing And Shearing Machinery Crushing Equipment. It Is A Good Choice For Scrap Automobile Disassembly, Scrap Steel Recycling, Metallurgy, Manufacturing And Die Industry.

        After More Than Ten Years Of Development, The Company Has Become A Professional Manufacturer Of Various Waste Recycling Industries, Metallurgy, Environmental Sanitation, Molds And Agricultural Equipment In China. Now It Has A Certain Scale, With A Construction Area Of 5000 Square Meters.

        The Company Has Strong Technical Force, Advanced Testing Means And Perfect Supporting Facilities. Through Improving Equipment And Optimizing Service, It Continuously Improves The Market Competitiveness Of Enterprise Products, And Is Committed To Providing High-Quality Products And Serving The Vast Number Of Users.

        The Company Specializes In Producing High-Quality Products.
        Y81 Series: Scrap Steel Baler, Scrap Steel Press, Metal Baler, Metal Press, Hydraulic Baler, Scrap Metal Baler, Scrap Metal Press, Steel Bar Baler, Steel Bar Press, Scrap Steel Hydraulic Baler, Scrap Steel Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Metal Baler, Heavy Scrap Steel Packer, Metal Hydraulic Packer, Hydraulic Scrap Steel Press, Metal Packer, Heavy Scrap Steel Press, Hydraulic Scrap Steel Packer, Scrap Steel Packer, Reinforcing Bar Packer; 

        Y83 Series Aluminium Scrap Press, Aluminium Scrap Mixer, Iron Scrap Press, Copper Scrap Press Crumb Press, Copper Crumb Combine Machine, Aluminium Crumb Press, Iron Crumb Press,  Steel Crumb Press, Steel Crumb Combine Machine, Steel Crumb Press; 

        PSX Series Scrap Steel Crushing Production Line, Can Crusher,  Paint Barrel Crusher, Scrap Steel Crusher; Metal Crusher, Scrap Metal Crusher, Bicycle Crusher; 

        Q91 Series Hydraulic Heavy Scrap Shear Machine, Scrap Steel Heavy Scrap Shear Machine, Metal Heavy Scrap Shear Machine, Scrap Steel Heavy Hydraulic Shear Machine, Gantry Scrap Steel (Heavy Scrap) Shear Machine, Gantry Heavy Scrap Shear Machine, Heavy (Waste) Hydraulic Shear, Heavy (Waste) Gantry Shear, Gantry Type Heavy Shear, Hydraulic Heavy Waste Shear, Box Type Heavy Waste Shear, Hydraulic Gantry Shear, Hydraulic Gantry Heavy Waste Shear, Hydraulic Box Type Shear, Hydraulic Box Type Heavy Waste Shear;

        Scrap Baling Shear Machine, Scrap Heavy Baling Shear Machine, Metal Baling Shear Machine, Heavy Scrap Baling Shear Machine, Gantry Baling Shear Machine, Mobile Automobile Baling Shear Machine, Heavy Scrap Steel Baling Shear Machine, Hydraulic Baling Shear Machine, Hydraulic Metal Baling Shear Machine, Hydraulic Scrap Steel Baling Shear Machine; 

        Q43 Series Scrap Steel Shears, Scrap Steel Shears, Metal Shears, Scrap Metal Shears, Hydraulic Iron Shears, Hydraulic Scissors, Hydraulic Shears, Crocodile Scrap Steel Shears, Hydraulic Metal Shears Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Scrap Shearing Machine;
        Y82 Series Vertical Baler, Non-Metallic Baler; EPM Scrap Paper Hydraulic Baler, Scrap Tire Baler, Cylinder Closer, Scrap Tire Crusher, Scrap Cable Crusher (Copper Rice Machine), Lifting Sucker,Various Scrap Metal Plastic Shredder And So On.

        More Than 50 Varieties, With Annual Production Capacity Of 200 Sets, It Is Sold In More Than 20 Provinces And Cities In China And More Than 30 Countries And Regions Overseas. 50% Of Its Products Are Sold Abroad, Deeply Trusted And Praised By Foreign Customers, It Is Definitely A Company With Assured Quality, And Worthy Of Your Trust.

        To Improve The Quality Of Products, To Meet The Needs Of The Majority Of Users, To Provide Customers with 24 Hours Of After-Sales Service. High-Quality Service, High-Quality Products To Meet The Needs Of Users. We Will Make Greater Contributions To Material Recycling, Iron And Steel Metallurgy And Environmental Sanitation. We Are Willing To Cooperate With Friends From All Walks Of Life To Create A Better Future. Adhering To The Tenet Of "Serving Customers", Our Company Is Committed To Providing High-Quality And Efficient Products, And Will Further Rely On Science And Technology To Develop New Products.