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Broken waste tires can also make money

Release time: 2020-04-09


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Broken waste tires can also make money

There are more and more cars on the road, and the used tires are replaced one by one. Of course, stacking the used tires on the side is not enough. It is important to know that used tires are called "black pollution" in the industry, and its recycling and disposal technology has always been a problem.

At present, about 1.5 billion tires are scrapped every year in the world, and more than 4 million tires are generated every day. To process more and more waste tires, you can choose the waste tire crushing production line launched by Yuanshi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. for crushing and utilization.

Tyre Crushing Production Line

Tyre Crushing Production Line

The tire crushing production line has the advantages of compact overall structure, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation, no environmental pollution, and uniform fineness of the resulting powder. Solve the recycling and secondary utilization of waste tire resources, and achieve tire crushing and steel wire separation at one time. The intelligent dust reduction facility of this production line has a unique structural design and is equipped with professional shock absorption facilities. It has low speed, high torque, low vibration and low noise, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. If you are interested, please come to consult.

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