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Alligator scissors precautions

Release time: 2020-02-12


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Alligator scissors precautions
Alligator type shears are suitable for metal recycling companies, scrap steel plants, smelting and casting enterprises to cold cut various shapes of steel and various metal structures to process qualified charge. The alligator type shears are hydraulically driven and easy to operate. Easy maintenance. Shear forces are available in 8 grades from 63 to 400 tons.

Crocodile shears are hydraulically driven. The electrical appliances are equipped with protective devices. The safety performance is reliable and easy to operate. The machine needs to pay attention to 6 points.

1. Alligator-type shears should be operated by designated personnel, others must not be used arbitrarily without training.
2. Before driving the alligator shears, check whether all parts are normal and whether the fasteners are firm.
3. It is forbidden to cut unannealed steel, cast iron, soft metal, thin workpieces, workpieces less than 100 mm in length, and workpieces longer than the length of scissors.
4. During operation, the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment, and the safety of the surrounding personnel should be paid attention to prevent the material from being lifted and hurting people. When cutting, try to cut the material close to the inside of the knife. When cutting short materials, do not use hand-held workpieces to feed, use clamps to feed.
5. When the crocodile shears are running, the operator must not leave the post without permission. When the work is completed or temporarily leaving the post, the power should be cut off. At the same time, the machine should not be repaired or touched with moving parts when the machine is running. Press the material.
6: Lubrication parts of alligator shears should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift.

Among the metal hydraulic shears produced by Yuanshi Heavy Industry, gantry shears and crocodile shears are the best-selling metal shears. The metal scissors sold by Yuanshi Heavy Industry are reasonably priced and the machinery and equipment are guaranteed.

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