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Advantages of scrap steel gantry shears

Release time: 2020-06-09

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Advantages of scrap steel gantry shears

Scrap gantry shears mainly use hydraulic brakes, so pay attention to the basic operating items in daily operations. Check the oil storage tank of the scrap steel gantry shear should be sufficient. After starting the oil pump, check the valves and pipelines for leaks. The pressure should meet the requirements. Open the air release valve to release the air in the system.

Q91 Longmen Scrap Shearing Machine

The equipment level of scrap steel gantry shears is high, and the quality of processed products is good. The design is scientific and the configuration is reasonable. It not only uses digital control, but also pays more attention to intelligence and adapts to large-scale industrial production. The scrap steel gantry shear adopts a computer to match the knife to achieve the optimal cutting edge clearance; hydraulically lock the knife shaft to control different burr requirements; adopt advanced compensation methods to achieve the knife shaft without movement and precise positioning; from feeding and shearing Cutting, unloading, packaging and online inspection, alarm to achieve automated operations.

The scrap steel gantry shearing machine minimizes the operation auxiliary time, and the design is user-friendly. From the feeding to the finished product, the scrap gantry shearing machine reduces the auxiliary time and the labor intensity of the operation as much as possible, and the maintenance is convenient. For example: automatic positioning and leading of the material; rapid positioning and locking of the cutter; multi-station uncoiling, cutting, receiving, sorting, and improving production efficiency.

Metal Hydraulic Packer

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