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6 tips for operation of metal crusher machine

Release time: 2020-05-21

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6 tips for operation of metal crusher machine

Yuanshi heavy industry is a Crusher provider. When the metal scrap shredder machine is running, you must follow the rules for the use of the metal crusher machine. Some tips during the operation are here.

metal crusher

1. Check whether the hammer head is good, whether the aperture of the sieve is suitable, whether there is damage, drag the belt by hand, check whether the rotation of the main shaft is flexible, and whether there is a phenomenon of jamming, bumping and friction.
2. After starting the machine, let the equipment idle for 2-3 minutes, check whether the rotor turns correctly and the sound is normal. It can only work after rotating smoothly at the rated speed.
3. Please pay attention to the operation of the crusher at any time during work, and the feed should be uniform to prevent blocking the feed inlet. Do not work for a long time and overload. If vibration, noise, excessive temperature of the bearing and the body are found, the material is sprayed outward For other phenomena, the machine inspection should be stopped immediately, and the work can only be continued after troubleshooting.
4. When the machine is running, the operator shall not leave the unit, nor disassemble the machine during operation to observe the working conditions in the crushing room, and the maintenance tools shall not be placed on the machine.
5. The hammer head of the crusher is a part that is easily damaged. Whether the die angle is changed in the same direction or the corner angle is changed after the damage, the entire group of hammer heads needs to be replaced at the same time. Replacement cannot be replaced individually. Similarly, the sieve is also a wearing part. If part of the sieve is damaged, it can be repaired. If it is severely damaged, a new sieve needs to be replaced.
6. After working for 300 hours, the bearing should be cleaned and the oil should be replaced. When stopping for a long time, the belt should be removed.
Yuanshi heavy industry has many years of manufacturing experience in the field of mechanical crushing. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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