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4 precautions before using the crusher

Release time: 2020-05-13

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4 precautions before using the crusher

Yuanshi Heavy Industry has launched a Scrap Crushing Production Line. After knowing the precautions for use, have you noticed the precautions before using the waste crushing production line? Yuanshi Heavy Industry is a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, providing various types of metal crushers. The precautions before using the machine let us know at a glance.

Waste crusher

①The equipment of metal crusher should be installed and fixed. The fixation of metal crusher should be fixed on the basis of cement. If the work site needs to be changed frequently, the crusher and motor equipment should be fixed on the base with angle irons to avoid damage to the metal crusher during movement.
②It is necessary to do a start-up inspection of the metal crusher. If the crusher is powered by a diesel engine, the power of the two should match. Before starting, make sure that the connection bolts of each part of the unit are tightened, whether the transmission belt is tight, whether the power cord is normal, whether the motor shaft and crusher shaft Parallel, check whether the blade and sieve are normal.
③ Production operation requirements during the work of the metal crusher. It is necessary to pay attention to the working condition of the crusher at any time during the work, and the feed is uniform to prevent clogging, and it is prohibited to run for a long time with overload. If there is vibration, noise or the temperature of the crusher is too high, you need to stop and check it immediately.
④Crushed materials should be carefully checked, and no foreign objects such as stones and metals should be mixed to avoid damage to the equipment. The work of the machine is that the operator must not separate the equipment, nor can he disassemble the machine to check the operation status of the crusher while the machine is running. When feeding, the operator should stand next to the crusher to prevent accidental injury from rebound debris. Do not stop the machine immediately after the crusher is finished. Let the equipment continue to run for 2-3 minutes to allow all materials to be discharged intact.

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